Auditorium configuration

Hotel Santa Marta Real boasts a meeting and event room (the Seywiaka Room) equipped with high-tech audiovisual equipment and staffed by a permanent assistant and executive assistants according to your requirements. Configured as an auditorium, the Seywiaka Room has capacity for 120 persons.

U-shaped configuration

Arranged in a U configuration, our meeting and event room can accommodate up to 40 people. This arrangement is perfect for nearly any presentation and readily allows for beverage and snack service inside or outside the space as preferred..

Classroom configuration

Up to 70 people can be comfortably seated in the meeting and event room’s classroom configuration. Each person is within easy viewing distance of the presenter, and the presenter, in turn, can easily manage the group.

Imperial configuration

The Seywiaka Room’s imperial table configuration is suitable for as many as 50 people. Attendees are seated facing one another, and there is sufficient space around them to allow for convenient food and beverage service during an event.

Special dates

The Seywiaka Room can accommodate up to 100 people for social or business cocktails when emptied of tables and chairs or up to 80 people if tables are required dressed for food service.

We offer a variety of food and beverage options, including special menus for business and social meetings and snacks for event break times. We also provide a catering service wherever you need it in the city.

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